TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Original Goals for 2008

These date from 13th January 2008
Short-term goals

  • Single pitch E2 onsight (most likely on slate, Psychotherapy/Pull My Daisy/Sterling Silver/German Schoolgirl/Last Tango in Paris are candidates)
  • Mountain multi-pitch HVS (need to think of some options here)
  • Get some more UK V4s and V5s (The Edge Problem, Dog Shooter, Toe Dragon, Conan the Librarian, etc. etc.)
  • Get back into regular training after illnesses

Medium-term goals

  • E3 onsight (again most likely slate Goose Creature/CTD are candidates)
  • E1 MP (I have a binding agreement about Cemetery Gates)
  • E1 single pitch on something other than slate
  • Climb V6 in the UK and V5 in Bishop
  • Target strengthening the first two fingers of my right hand to compensate for lack of tendon in the third (fingerboard stuff mostly)

2008 has not gone smoothly climbingwise for a number of reasons including my partner (climbing and life) having a major injury, me having a number of minor injuries and illnesses and, last but not least, what passed for Summer in the UK this year.

I got to the point where goals that I was coming nowhere near to achieving became demotivating for me. I also found myself jumping on E2s at short notice just because I had a goal to do so; completely ignoring the lessons that had got me to climb E1. Accordingly, I down-graded my 2008 goals on 18th August 2008 and the current ones can be viewed here.
TRNovice – October 2008

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