TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary


Why goals?

Maybe it is my naturally competitive nature, but I think that if you care enough about an activity, you will want to get better at it. By this I don’t mean achieving elite status. Rather you will want to try to fulfil your potential. If doing this gets you into the elite, then congratulations on having the talent to do this. For me, I just like to feel that I am improving.

The activity that I care about here is rock climbing, specifically traditional rock climbing and bouldering (sport climbing may figure in the equation at some point I guess). After a while climbing indoors and (preferably out), everyone will hit a plateau; a stage at which just climbing will not lead to further improvements. This is the stage when training is necessary and training for climbing is the main focus of this blog.

In my opinion, training works best when it has two mutually-supportive attributes. First you need to be organised and have some way to track the exercises that you are doing (how else are you going to be able to tell whether or not it is working?). Second you need to have something that you are aiming for. This something will be evidence that not only are you getting better at training, but that all this effort is helping you to get better at your chosen activity; in my case outdoor rock climbing. This is where goals come in.

The idea is to have short-term goals which you feel are attainable (with work) within a few months. Next come medium-term goals, which may be your focus for up to a year. Long-term goals tend to be aspirational, maybe with a time horizon of two years (beyond that I think goal-setting becomes pretty meaningless). I don’t have any detailed long-term goals, I suppose my one objective of this sort is to become a better all-round climber.

My short- and medium-term goals are published on this site. They tend to be subject to revision. This can be for positive reasons, when I have achieved what you set out to do and need to raise the bar. It can also be for negative reasons, where some external factor (e.g. injury or illness) has meant that my goals are no longer realistic and need to be adjusted lest I lose motivation. Sadly, I am currently in negative territory with goals, but I hope my training programme (and posting on this blog) will help to get me back on track in time.

Given this, here are links to my most recent goals: –

  1. Original Goals for 2008
  2. Goals for 2008 (revised 18th August 2008)

I will keep these up-to-date as they change over time.
TRNovice – November 2008

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