TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Week 93 (22nd – 28th December 2008)

Posted in Weekly Training Diary by Peter Thomas on 28 December 2008

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Haven’t posted for a few weeks as have had a lot on (and consequently only sporadic training). Managed two wall sessions and two MTBs in the Xmas week, which can’t be bad. Still feeling rather overweight though :-o.

Training Diary
Day Commentary Stats
Monday 3 hours bouldering at The Castle. Ankle was a bit crunchy, but took some falls with little ill-effect. The pads of my fingers took a bit more punishment as I’m no longer accustomed to yarding between big holds a long way from each other :-o. Problems up to V3, but didn’t really keep count. n/k
Tuesday 15km gentle MTB around Swinley Forest – nice to be out and about, even if it was rather cold!
Wednesday Rest ankle.
Thursday Cook / eat turkey.
Friday Rest ankle.
Saturday 20 km MTB ride round Swinley Forest, again mostly sticking to the main paths. Lovely day, if somewhat cold. No ankle problems :-).
Sunday 3 hours bouldering at Craggy Island Sutton. Was impressed by the venue. Friendly staff and climbers; clean holds and mats; nice, well-thought-out problems; and enough to have a proper work-out. Concentrated more on volume than difficulty as a bit tired from MTBing the day before. Will go back again. A few ankle grumbles, but nothing too bad. Problems up to Font 6a, but again did not keep count n/k

Will aim to do some outdoor climbing, and maybe some more MTBing, during the next week.

Training Summary
Cycling Other Cardio Wall
Sessions (2)
Road: 0 km Running: 0 km V3: n/k
MTB: 35 km V4: 0
Total: 35 km V5: 0

Progress against Short-term Goals

No outdoor routes this week.
5km short of my 40 km minimum, but all of that was MTBing and it was Xmas week.
No running.
No fingerboard sessions, but did get to the wall twice.
No outdoor bouldering.

Progress against Medium-term Goals



2 Responses

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  1. Andrew said, on 5 January 2009 at 12:08 pm

    Hi Peter

    Just looking at this with great interest – i can see it is a real motivator to set some goals and get out and do stuff. The format is nice – the way you can incorporate links and graphics etc. I would like to do something similar, would you mind spending a couple of minutes to explain how to set up a similar blog??

    Thanks in anticipation

  2. Peter Thomas said, on 11 January 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    Been out of the country for a week, so only just saw this. WordPress is pretty straightforward to use, knowing some basic HTML helps with things like tables, but everything else is there for you.


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