TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Week 90 (1st – 7th December 2008)

Posted in Weekly Training Diary by Peter Thomas on 7 December 2008

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All climbing training diary entries may be viewed here.

Three wall-sessions, two road cycles and one MTB ride made this my best week training in forever. Aside from a few ankle twinges at the wall, everything went pretty well. I am however a bit down about how bad my climbing has become. I’m also scared of doing anything bar jug hauling when more than 2m off the mat – a question of time and confidence I guess.

Training Diary
Day Commentary Stats
  1. 30 km road cycle, average “speed” a snail-like 19.3 kmph on light cyclo-cross tyres; I guess all the time off has really taken it’s toll on my fitness :-(. On a more positive note, this is the furthest I have cycled since deciding to take my ankle injury seriously and (touch wood) no adverse effects as yet.
  2. 3 hours bouldering at The Arch. Still wary about pushing hard on ,my right ankle and warier of falling, so not exactly pushing things too much and also tired from cycling! Still a reasonable session all in all and the ankle was in reasonable shape at the end. Problems up to V4.
V3 x 4
V4 x 2
V5 x 0
Tuesday Rest ankle.
Wednesday 25 km road cycle, average “speed” a very slightly improved 22.6 kmph on light cyclo-cross tyres. With the thermometer reading 0°C, I made the schoolboy error of wearing a thicker top layer than I should have and hence over-heated horribly. Accordingly couldn’t manage a fifth lap. The good news is that the ankles was 100% fine :-).
Thursday Rest ankle.
Friday 2 hours bouldering at The Arch. Was pushing and swivelling on my right ankle and taking falls from 1-2m for the first time in ages, but still really scared of exacerbating the injury. In point of fact, it started to flare-up a bit, so I (sensibly for once) stopped climbing. Glad I did as it’s not too bad now. Problems up to V4 (flashed, but sadly soft-touch). V3 x 3
V4 x 1
V5 x 0
Saturday 2.5 hours bouldering at The Arch. Tired after the previous day’s session. Ankle a bit grumbly as well. Problems up to V3. V3 x 4
V4 x 0
V5 x 0
Sunday 20 km MTB ride round Swinley Forest, mostly sticking to the mail paths as the single-track consisted mostly of rutted, then frozen mud. Lovely day nevertheless. No ankle problems either :-). However it did take forever to clean the mud off of the bikes.

The simple aim is to sustain this level of training into the next week.

Training Summary
Cycling Other Cardio Wall
Sessions (3)
Road: 55 km Running: 0 km V3: 11
MTB: 20 km V4: 3
Total: 75 km V5: 0

Progress against Short-term Goals

No outdoor routes this week.
Exceeded my 40 km minimum in the first three days of the week and went on to clock up 75km in total; importantly will no ill-effects.
No running.
No fingerboard sessions, but did get to the wall three times.
No outdoor bouldering.

Progress against Medium-term Goals



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