TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Week 89 (24th – 30th November 2008)

Posted in Weekly Training Diary by Peter Thomas on 1 December 2008

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After a reasonably positive report last week, did nothing whatsoever this week for a number of reasons. The only positive thing about this is that my ankle seems to be grateful for the rest.

Training Diary
Day Commentary Stats
Monday Rest ankle.
Tuesday Rest ankle.
Wednesday Rest ankle.
Thursday Rest ankle.
Friday Rest ankle.
Saturday 7 km walk, just a couple of ankle twinges.
Sunday Rest ankle.

As I said the main positive was some more rest for the ankle, which is doing pretty well now. Will see how good it is by trying some more cycling / climbing next week.

Training Summary
Cycling Other Cardio Wall
Sessions (0)
Road: 0 km Running: 0 km V3: 0
MTB: 0 km V4: 0
Total: 0 km V5: 0

Progress against Short-term Goals

No outdoor routes this week.
No cycling.
No running.
No fingerboard sessions.
No outdoor bouldering.

Progress against Medium-term Goals



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