TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Week 87 (10th – 16th Nov 2008)

Posted in Weekly Training Diary by Peter James Thomas on 16 November 2008

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My third week of ankle rest. It has improved further – I have even been skipping down escallators on the Tube. I have tweaked it a few times, but none of these have led to a major flare-up, so maybe it is finally getting better. Given this, I have shelved the medical option for the present. Dropped the fingerboard sessions because I was rather occupied dealing with some other stuff, will pick these back up next week. Had an exploratory cycle as well, which seemed to go OK. For the first time in a while I begin to feel somewhat optimistic about my injury getting better.

Training Diary
Day Commentary Stats
Monday Rest ankle.
Tuesday Rest ankle.
Wednesday Rest ankle.
Thursday Rest ankle.
Friday Exploratory 16km road cycle, average speed a rather slow 23.2 kmph on light cyclocross tyres, but then I was mostly seeing how the ankle held up. It was OK when cycling with no twinges at all. It’s a bit sore now, but that is only to be expected I guess.
Saturday Ankle was a bit sore from cycling, but managed a 9 km walk with only a couple of twinges.
Sunday Rest ankle. No apparent adverse effects from the previous two days, which is good.

Well ticked the box of doing some mild cycling, will try to get back to my minimum of 40 km per week next week. Also want to work some climbing back into the mix.

Training Summary
Cycling Other Cardio Wall
Sessions (0)
Road: 16 km Running: 0 km V3: 0
MTB: 0 km V4: 0
Total: 16 km V5: 0

Progress against Short-term Goals

No outdoor routes this week.
No cycling due to ankle.
No running due to ankle.
Well I did at least two fingerboard sessions for the previous five weeks, so I probably needed a rest anyway. I don’t feel too bad about this.
No outdoor bouldering this week.

Progress against Medium-term Goals

Parked for the present due to the ankle.


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