TRNovice’s Climbing Training Diary

Week 81 (29th Sept – 5th Oct 2008)

Posted in Weekly Training Diary by Peter James Thomas on 5 October 2008

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Sadly still have a crook ankle (though it seems to be improving somewhat), so – yet again – no cycling or running and little climbing this week :-(.

Training Diary
Day Commentary Stats
Monday Nowt.  
Tuesday Nowt.  
Wednesday A rather ginger two hours climbing at The Arch, basically not attempting anything that I might fall off of or where I couldn’t downclimb. Also did the first few moves of quite a few things. V3 x 2
V4 x 3
V5 x 0
Thursday Nowt.  
Friday Nowt.  
Saturday Does going to the David Graham lecture count as training? Excellent talk (if somewhat compressed in length). Motivational and somehow made what a world-class climber thinks about seem not too different to a world-class bimbler like me. I might expand on this theme later. <no sarcasm intended> So psyched now!!! </no sarcasm intended>  
Sunday 3 hours bouldering at The Arch. First proper session since hurting my ankle, only one twisting fall onto it caused any pain, but have lost strength and endurance; couldn’t repeat problems that felt easy pre-injury :-(. Also probably made the mistake of initially wearing myself out on overhanging V5s. V3 x 1
V4 x 1
V5 x 0

So back to climbing, but seem to have taken several steps backwards. More work required!

Training Summary
Cycling Other Cardio Wall
Sessions (2)
Road: 0 km Running: 0 km V3: 3
MTB: 0 km     V4: 4
Total: 0 km     V5: 0


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